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I certify that I understand the forgoing questions and my answers are true and complete. I also understand that if this information changes in any way in the future, it is my responsibility to notify my trainer, and that I assume the risk for any changes in my medical condition that might affect my ability to exercise. 

I acknowledge that it is recommended to consult a physician prior to starting any health/fitness/nutrition program, and that only a qualified health care provider is able to diagnose and prescribe treatment for specific health conditions. If I choose not to obtain a physician's consent, I hereby agree I am doing so solely at my own risk.

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Training Agreement

We want everyone who participates in our training programs to have fun, be committed to the process, and achieve results. We want you to be so thrilled with your experience that you will want to come back, and bring your friends and family with you.
I agree to show up for training on time every day I have signed up for unless I have notified my coach in advance or I have an excused absence from my doctor. *

I understand that I may appear in images or video relating to my participation in training and events, and give full permission to Cr8 Health & Fitness, LLC to use these royalty-free in advertisements, promotions or commercials. *

I agree to confidentiality with respect to services provided by Get Fit NH. I further agree that I will not engage directly or indirectly in the outdoor fitness or boot camp fitness business within a 30 mile radius of any Get Fit NH *

I understand there is no cash refund policy, but credit toward another training may be applied if I am unable to continue due to circumstances beyond my control. I further understand that no credit may be applied to any other services Cr8 Health & Fitness, LLC may offer. *

I understand that diet and nutrition habits directly affects my performance and fitness results *

I further agree to bring a positive attitude, use my strengths to help others training, respect all other participants, embrace challenges, and most importantly, be prepared to have fun! *

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